Explore the healthiest and best way to hydrate.

Thirty Drink has been specifically formulated to make a better and healthier sports drink that will satisfy your rehydration needs by providing more of what the body needs and less of what it does not.

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30 Calories

At only 30 calories, you can feel good about putting Thirty in your body. While replenishing your body with vitamins and electrolytes you do not need the unnecessary calories usually brought on by too much sugar.

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3x More Electrolytes

Its essential to replenish the body with electrolytes after activity. Thirty contains 3 times the electrolytes as the industry leading sports drink without sacrificing a great taste.

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66% Less Sugar

We have 66% less sugar than other sports drinks. Sweetened with natural plant-based sweeteners, including stevia and monk fruit, means Thirty provides natural energy with no crash later.


Definitely quenches a post-workout thirst!

After a long workout, grab your Thirty Drink to replace the electrolytes you just sweated out.

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